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We accelerate high potential startups that either want to create or already have their own crypto coin. These coins are united in our 'AngelFund'. By holding 'AngelCoins' investors benefit from increasing startup values.

Our AngelFund generates outstanding benefit for startups and investors

CoinAngels Ecosystem

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Our AngelBoard is the easiest way to keep an eye on the fund development. The App provides a variety of features exclusively for ‚Angel Coin‘ holders.

Way more than just a wallet
  • Secure storage for personal ‚AngelCoins‘
  • Overview current value of ‚Angel Fund‘
  • See progress of all coins of the ‚Angel Fund‘
  • Get detailed information of running accelerations
  • Get detailed information on current applications
  • Get company related news to keep investors in loop

Meet the founders of CoinAngels

CoinAngels was founded by acceleration experts and crypto pioneers

Maik Fahldieck
Founder & CEO
Jonas Lempa
Co-Founder & CCO

and their rehearsed team of over 50 crypto enthusiasts

The CoinAngels advisor team

Top experts with long-standing experience

Max Kordek
Mark Hoffmann
Andreas Ruehrig
Oliver Beddows
Ken Yamada
Team Japan
Makoto Noguchi
Team Japan
Toshinosuke Katoh
Team Japan
Timo Meyer
Team Japan

Successful accelerations

A selection of startups where we generated real value and evolved ideas into sustainably successful companies.

Lisk is one of the most promising crypto startups around the world with a market capitalization of over 2.5 billion dollars as of today.
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With flowkey people learn to play piano in a new and intuitive way. We accelerated flowkey in their very early stage helping them become the major player in music education they are today.